Pause. Imagine. Create.

Explore mindfulness through creativity

Mindfulness is a whole lot more than meditation!  We have collaborated with BIC Intensity® and some amazing artists to help you discover how to support your mind through creativity.

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Ellen Porteus smiling

Ellen Porteus

Ellen Porteus is a Melbourne-based artist whose art brings to life the intangible or hidden feelings we experience as humans. Her work in installation, animation and illustration draws inspiration from cartoons, animated films and music videos. She’s a strong believer that being creative is about expressing yourself without judgement.

Kate Pullen smiling

Kate Pullen

Australian-based typographer and illustrator Kate Pullen is inspired by the inner workings of the human mind. She works predominantly on an iPad to refine her sketches, bringing her work to life with colour and patterns. Her love of hearing peoples’ stories and exploring history regularly feeds into her work, which replicates the emotions she feels as she watches or listens.

Young artist, Nick Tsekouras, smiling

Nick Tsekouras

Nick Tsekouras is an up-and-coming Melbourne-based artist. Nick’s main creative practice is collage, where he expresses his passion for sustainability through his materials. He combines recycled and scrap materials with various art media to create powerful visualisations of his inner thoughts and feelings. Nick’s passion extends to helping young people—particularly those in the LGBTQI+ community—explore art as an outlet and a form of expression. 


Ruby Jones

Ruby Jones is a Wellington-based artist and writer. Rising to international prominence through her illustrations in support of New Zealanders following the Christchurch massacre, Ruby is passionate about creative projects positively impacting young people. Ruby’s work is inspired by themes such as self-love, compassion, and kindness.


Ben Sanders

Ben Sanders is an illustrator and artist from Ballarat, Australia. Some days he illustrates for international publications like Wall Street Journal, other days he’s writing children’s picture books and creating colourful characters like Lento & Fox.


Yan Yan Candy Ng

Yan Yan Candy Ng is an illustrator and artist from Melbourne, Australia. Born in Hong Kong, Yan Yan Candy Ng moved to Melbourne to explore creative opportunities. She is happiest on her bicycle and finding ways to pat as many dogs as she can.


Emma Leonard

Emma Leonard is a multi-disciplinary Australian artist and illustrator specialising in Fashion and Beauty. Inspired by nature, fashion and literature, Emma combines traditional media with digital techniques to create carefully considered renderings of delicate femininity, fragility and ethereal beauty.


Check out their tutorials!


Create some Affirmations to Check in with Ellen Porteus

Ellen’s work always begins with a word. Her activity is an opportunity to explore affirmations that resonate with you.

Create ‘The Recipe of You’ with Kate Pullen

Kate's activity is all about acknowledging the things you love about yourself while practicing some mindful sketching.

Create your own mindfulness board game with Nick Tsekouras

Nick likes colouring as a mindfulness activity. Create and colour your own mindfulness board game with him.


Create your own My Safe Haven with Ruby Jones

Ruby’s activity My Safe Haven will help you find calm when things feel a little too much. Watch the tutorial here.

Create Mindful Moodles with Ben

Join Ben as he doodles his moods – Moodles!
Check out his tutorial here.

Create a Mindful Journey with Yan Yan Candy Ng

Illustrator Yan Yan Candy Ng shares a creative way to organise your thoughts. Check out her tutorial here!


Create Butterfly Bunting with Emma

Emma shares her tips and tricks on crafting some beautiful bunting. Check out the tutorial here!


Get to know the artists!


Kate’s work in typography and illustration embraces colour, pattern, nature and pop culture.

Nick helps you explore mindfulness as you get absorbed into the flow of the colouring and creativity.

Ruby’s work is inspired by themes such as self-love, compassion, and kindness.


Illustrator Ben Sanders shares his tips for getting in the flow and reminds us to keep it simple.

Illustrator Candy shares her tips, tricks and interpretation of dreams in this Q&A.

Illustrator Emma explains how nature can inspire your creativity in this short video.


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