Educator Products

We offer programs to support individual educators or educators as part of a team or school community

In the fast-paced school environment, it’s crucial to look after the wellbeing of students and educators. Smiling Mind has a range of resources that can support and enhance wellbeing while slotting into your unique school curriculum and culture with ease.

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Primary Classroom Curriculum

Smiling Mind offers a comprehensive SEL curriculum with 120 plug and play lessons, across 20 topics for years 1 to 6. 

Our curriculum includes resources to use in class, activities for children to take home and self-paced educator professional development.

Educator Wellbeing

The Smiling Mind Educator Wellbeing workshops offer best practice mental wellbeing support for any education environment, from Primary School to Tertiary. 

Each workshop provides practical tools to support  mental fitness and improve stress management.

Trauma-informed Practice in Education: professional development

Designed for primary school educators, this self-paced online course strengthens your understanding of trauma-informed practice. 

Gain in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical strategies to support a trauma-informed learning environment.

Educators are a key influencer in children’s lives. 

Taking on responsibility for your students’ wellbeing is a noble mission, but it comes on top of your already full plate of work. Educators are tackling significant challenges in our post-covid world, and across the workforce, 71% of teachers intending to leave their profession cite one reason being that ‘the workload is too heavy’ (source: Australian Teacher Workforce Data).

Smiling Mind fiercely believes that your wellbeing shouldn’t be compromised in the pursuit of bettering your students’ wellbeing. The range of resources created by Smiling Mind’s thought leaders and psychologists aim to support you both in multifaceted ways. From workshops centred around developing the skills to support stress-management, wellbeing and clarity day-to-day; to evidence-based lesson plans created to take the pressure off you when it comes to delivering SEL to your students.

We’re here to support you as you support young minds.