Mental Fitness Program

Build your mental fitness

Working on your mental fitness is about giving yourself the best opportunity to have optimal health and wellbeing by making a conscious effort to develop and practice the mental skills and resources that underpin mental wellbeing and resilience.


What is mental fitness?

Mental fitness reflects our ability to perform at our best each day, navigate challenges, and support a state of positive mental wellbeing even during challenging times. In practice, mental fitness involves consistently and intentionally developing mental resources we can draw upon to respond to setbacks, sustain healthy relationships, navigate change and uncertainty, and make effective decisions.

Evidence shows that there are specific areas of human psychology that underpin our ability to build positive mental wellbeing—things like our ability to connect with others, adaptability and our sense of purpose. These mental fitness skills can act as protective factors during inevitable times of stress, hardship and change. Through intentionally and consistently practicing mental fitness skills, we're strengthening the mental resources that support wellbeing and resilience while reducing the negative impact of challenges. Learn more about the Smiling Mind Mental FItness Framework below, or dive straight into the free 30 day program on the Smiling Mind app.


 Benefits of the evidence-informed mental fitness program

Managing life's curveballs and challenges
Have more measured responses to challenges and conflict and improved problem-solving and adaptability.

Relaxation and stress management
Learn strategies to calm the mind which can assist in managing and recovering from stress.

Self-reflection and emotional regulation
Clarify and challenge the negative self-beliefs and expectations you hold through intentional self-reflection.

Healthy relationships and ability to connect
Develop strong, positive connection with self and others through enhanced social perceptions including gratitude, empathy and compassion.

Finding your unique purpose
Reflect on your personal strengths and values to uncover what drives you.

Enhancing creativity
Gain new perspectives by developing the skills of open-mindedness, curiosity and a beginner’s mind.



How to get started


Step 1

Use Smiling Mind’s free app. If you don’t have it yet, download it and take a moment to set up your account.

Step 2

Access the Mental Fitness program in the app. You’ll find it in the ‘Explore’ section, under the ‘Adults’ tab.

Step 3

Start your mental fitness practice. If you miss a day (or a few!) you can always pick up where you left off.


Get a taster of the Smiling Mind Mental Fitness Program

This exercise is from the first section of the mental fitness program, Attention and Awareness. In this exercise, you'll start by building awareness, then you'll practise moving your attention onto different parts of the body.

The skills you build around attention and awareness can lead to a variety of benefits, including lower stress, better focus and stronger relationships.


Looking for ways to support your whole family's mental fitness?

Supporting children's mental health and wellbeing starts in the home. When families develop mental fitness together, there are extra benefits that support a healthy family dynamic, including a common language around mental health and shared strategies for developing social and emotional skills in children.

Smiling Mind's Resilient Families Program has been developed by psychologists through consultation with children and parents and is designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of the whole family. It aims to help children build important social and emotional skills while giving parents and carers the resources they need to maintain their own mental fitness while supporting the mental fitness of children.

It is an evidence-informed program designed to integrate easy into regular family life through bite-sized modules packed with activities.


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