Families Program

Supporting kids to build resilience and wellbeing through learning, practising and developing emotional regulation, coping strategies and social skills. The program fosters Children’s social connections and provides parents with the tools to help build a resilient family.

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What is the Resilient Families Program?

The Resilient Families Program supports the mental health and wellbeing of children and their families. Smiling Mind’s psychologists developed the program through extensive consultation with children and their parents. It’s led by evidence and created to fit into everyday family life. Featuring a variety of modules—each packed with bite-sized activities—the Resilient Families Program is designed to bring families together through the development of a common language. It seeks to help kids develop key social and emotional skills and equips parents and carers with the tools to support them to build their mental fitness. 


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  • Developed by trusted researchers, educators and psychologists.

  • Teach and practise key social and emotional skills.

  • Bite-sized activities to fit easily into families’ busy lifestyle

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Benefits For Children


  • Learn to understand that all emotions serve a purpose, even the unpleasant emotions.

  • Practice recognising emotions through stories and activities.

  • Develop acceptance of all emotions and the role they play in understanding yourself and others.


  • Learn skills to cooperate and improve relationships. 

  • Recognise and develop healthy friendships.

  • Practise and develop social skills including self-awareness, honesty, cooperation and empathy.

Self Worth

  • Support in identifying and acting from a strengths perspective to build self-awareness and self-confidence.

  • Understand their strengths, and how and when to use them effectively.

  • Appreciate their own and others’  differences.


  • Recognise and appreciate different perspectives. 

  • Consider their actions and their impact on themselves and others. 

  • Practise ‘putting themselves in another's shoes’.

Flexible Thinking

  • Learn to adjust to different situations and practise acceptance.  

  • Develop the skills to respond effectively when faced with new and different situations

  • Practise the skills to increase adaptability, such as hope, trust in oneself and optimism.

Taking Responsibility

  • Grow their sense of independence and confidence. 

  • Recognise the changing nature of situations and how they can positively impact outcomes. 

  • Practise decision making skills, looking at possible options and taking ownership to act.


Benefits For Parents and Carers

The Resilient Families Program provides parents and carers with effective strategies, tools and ways to communicate, to help develop crucial social emotional skills in your children. We have a series of videos that align with each of the children’s modules, explaining concepts, the skills we are building and how to interact with your child to get maximum results from each of the activities.


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