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Book cover - Shamanism and Psychotherapy

Ecstatic Soul Retrieval

Shamanism and Psychotherapy

A guide to integrating ecstatic trance, soul retrieval, and psychotherapy to overcome emotional challenges and deepen your connection to all life Mother Earth


 • Describes the methodologies of ecstatic trance and psychotherapy, explaining how they can be integrated in a way that feels familiar and safe

 • Illustrates five ecstatic postures for strengthening identity, uncovering the root of suffering, and aligning with a spirit guide

 • Includes three in-depth case studies to illustrate how to override negative beliefs and habits and experience oneness with the Earth and all life

    Sharing the wisdom of shamanic healing, Nicholas Brink creates an accessible link between psychotherapy and the ritualized use of ecstatic trance postures. He explains how ecstatic trance triggers the imagination, allowing us to override negative beliefs and retrieve the lost innocence of the soul. He shows us how to broaden healing beyond the resolution of individual emotional and behavioral issues to create harmony in family, community, society, and the world around us.

    Integrating cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, and dream analysis, the author provides a unique model for tapping into the universal mind in a way that feels familiar and safe. He illustrates five ecstatic postures for emotional and spiritual growth, moving from finding a place of relaxation in which to strengthen your sense of self to the soul retrieval experience, which leads to the death of dysfunctional beliefs and restoration of your original innocence. The author shows how spirit guides can support us as we achieve the spiritual consciousness of the shaman and recognize the interdependence of all cultures and all living things on the planet.
     Using three in-depth case studies, Brink demonstrates how these practices can be used to resolve common psychological issues such as agoraphobia, panic attacks, irrational anger, mood swings, obsessive behaviors, and control issues. Allowing you to find your inner shaman—your ability to heal yourself and, in turn, to contribute to the healing of all life on our planet—ecstatic soul retrieval helps you overcome emotional and behavioral problems, override negative beliefs, and experience oneness with all life on Mother Earth.

Published by Bear and Company (Inner Traditions) COMING APRIL 2017


Nicholas E. Brink, Ph.D., is a psychologist and a certified teacher of ecstatic trance with the Cuyamungue Institute. Board certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology, he is the author of several books, including The Power of Ecstatic Trance and Baldr’s Magic. He lives in Coburn, Pennsylvania.

Nicholas BrinkAuthor of 
  • Power of Ecstatic Trance
  • Baldr's Magic
  • Beowulf's Ecstatic Trance Magic
  • Trance Journeys of the Hunter-Gatherers
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P.O. Box 94, Coburn, PA 16832
(814) 349-5968

Email: brinknick9@gmail.com

Cuyamungue Institute: www.cuyamungueinstitute.com

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