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Ecstatic Soul Retrieval

Three decades ago I discovered the powerful connections between ancient shamanic practices and contemporary hypnotherapeutic approaches to healing. What a pleasure it was to find that there were a few others who had been blazing this path before me. Nick Brink, a tireless researcher, student and practitioner of hypnosis, psychology, and The Cuyamungue Method of Felicitas Goodman, has written several books that have drawn these two threads together; his newest offering, ‘Ecstatic Soul Retrieval: Bringing Together the Power of Shamanism and Psychotherapy’ is his most comprehensive and compelling offering. I was taught that ‘Every word (and thought) has a physiology’. Most hypnosis for therapeutic purposes is rather static - the client is sitting or reclining in a stationary position for his or her experience. By incorporating various physical postures to enhance particular types of shamanic journeying/trance work, Brink extends the boundaries of the mind/body connection. His detailed case histories show how powerful this work can be in helping clients get ‘unstuck’. By learning to access their own imagination, and draw from the richness of archetype in the collective unconscious, Brink’s clients discover ways to create better, more resourceful life stories, replacing old, tired, impoverished ones. Thank you, Nick, for this valuable guide to an integrative and inclusive approach to hypnosis and ancient shamanic practices!

Peter L. Blum, Certified Instructor, National Guild of Hypnotists, Faculty Member of Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona’s Coyote Institute


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