A series of 18 x 2 minute animated episodes exploring positive mental health and emotional wellbeing lessons for children aged 3 to 8.

Follow Tam (platypus), Maali (galah), Wes (echidna) and their friend (our narrator) as they learn to engage with and understand their own personality traits, as well as the personality traits of others. 

Just like us, each friend sees and reacts to the world differently. They may become curious, shy, excitable, or a little angry. In each episode, a problem or query arises about friendships, the Creek, or themselves. Our narrator works with Tam, Maali and Wes to understand the situation and its impact on their feelings.

Together, the three friends and our narrator explore different ways to become more aware of each others’ needs, as well as learn about their own. Through empathy, curiosity and mindful thinking, the friends are able to help each other and build strong, healthy connections. 

The series aims to teach kids emotional awareness—just like our little animals—and help them interact with their own world with curiosity, build their social relationships and utilise their personal strengths. 

The series can be watched in order, or you can guide viewers towards a topic you think will be helpful to them at that time. Episodes can be used as social and emotional learning activities to promote wellbeing at home and in schools.

The show is aimed at children aged 5 to 8 but suitable for ages 3 and up. 


Meet the Characters


Maali is a Pink Galah. Maali is an Aboriginal name, which in Biripi language means ‘Elder Tree’. Maali is the most mindful of our three friends and adores nature, berries and the peaceful creek. Curious and sometimes shy, Maali is extremely empathetic and always wants to lend a hand.


Wes is a ‘Western long beaked’ Echidna. This species of Echidna is thought to be extinct, but hopefully they are all just shy like Smiling Mind Creek’s Wes. Wes likes to have alone time and can feel a bit grumpy when they haven't had a good nap. Wes is a fantastic listener and loves to daydream.


Tam is a platypus. Tam's name is short for Tambreet, which is the Aboriginal term for a platypus in the Yass, Murrumbidgee & Tumat regions of NSW, Australia. Tam is an excitable ball of energy who always wants to play with friends. Tam is brave and always wants to make friends laugh.

Watch the Episodes

Ep. 1 Bee Breathing

When Tam wakes up in a grumpy mood, Maali and Wes try their best to cheer up their friend, but nothing seems to work. Learning ‘bee breathing’ helps these friends discover it’s ok to be sad sometimes.

Ep. 2 Listening to Colours

Wes discovers mindful listening, and says it turns sounds into colours. Maali and Tam are intrigued. Learning to sit quietly and listen helps them hear the colours of the creek too.

Ep. 3 Tree Stretching

Tam is feeling stiff and sore after being scrunched up watching a trail of ants. Doing some ‘tree stretching’ helps their bodies and minds feel happier.


Ep. 4 Be Kind To You

Wes feels terrible and angry because they thinks they ruined the soccer game. Learning that compassion for yourself is just as important as your compassion for others brings their joy back.

Ep. 5 Thought Butterflies

When Wes has some worries before bedtime that show up as 'thought butterflies', Maali and Tam want to help. They learn that there is something you can do to get the worries out of your head.

Ep. 6 Can't Sleep

It’s night-time in the creek but Maali can’t sleep because of thoughts going round and round. Our friends learn that when they are worried and they can't sleep, talking to someone can really help.


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Smiling Mind acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.


Smiling Mind acknowledges the support of the Mai Foundation in developing the pilot.