Smiling Mind in Schools

Smiling Mind’s suite of education products have been designed to create impact—not only for students, but for educators alike.

Our programs and resources are led by evidence to support social and emotional skills development in children and overall mental health.

The cornerstone of our school programs is our ready to implement Primary Classroom Curriculum, a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum. With options for individual educators or solutions to support the wellbeing of your whole school, Smiling Mind has the expertise and resources to support you.


I’m looking for options to support educators

Smiling Mind offers resources to support  individuals and groups of educators.  

Our products support educators to maintain positive wellbeing and deliver Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

I'm looking for options to support
my whole school

Smiling Mind has a range of whole school options to.

Our programs support educators to deliver SEL and create a positive impact throughout your school.


Creating a positive cultural impact in your school

If you’re looking to create a positive cultural impact throughout your school, embedding an evidence-based, whole-school social and emotional learning (SEL) program, such as the Smiling Mind Primary School program, can accelerate your impact.

SEL is recognised as an effective preventative approach for building children’s ability to succeed and thrive. SEL in the classroom helps build critical life skills to boost overall mental health and wellbeing.

We’re serious about the impact our education programs make in Australian schools, so we put our approach to the test

Read about our approach to assessing the impact of our programs and key findings from our programs evaluations, including our impact on students and teachers. Read Smiling Mind’s Impact Overview.

We have a history of creating positive impact, and a vision to create generational change

We are a not-for-profit organisation backed by over a decade of experience, research and passion. Started in 2012 in response to the rising rates of mental illness among young people, Smiling Mind has risen as a leader in the preventative mental health and wellbeing space.

In this time, the Smiling Mind team has created a range of products and services and supported schools across Australia to help young people build, develop and practise the skills for resilience and social and emotional intelligence. We believe this is essential to ending Australia’s mental health crisis and empowering children to experience life-long mental wellbeing.

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Benefits of the evidence-based programs created by Smiling Mind

For students


For educators


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