Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

VFFF is a thriving family foundation, spanning three generations of the Vincent Fairfax family. Honouring the Founders’ legacy, VFFF strive to play the most useful role they can, joining the efforts of so many working for a better Australia.

VFFF see their role as enabling communities and people impacted by social issues to lead change. This means taking bold and thoughtful risks on high potential organisations that are forging new ways of working and reaching for catalytic impact.

That's why VFFF are supporting Smiling Mind and our bold vision to change the mental health outcomes of our future generations through a positive and proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing. 

Laying strong foundations for the future of Smiling Mind, funding from VFFF will enable Smiling Mind to respond strategically to the growing demand for our programs and the capacity to invest in our core programs delivered through our app and school based initiatives to ensure we’re having a deep and long-lasting positive impact. 

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