Smiling Mind Primary School Program

An evidence-based approach to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children in the classroom, school and home environments. Choose the implementation option to suit your school.

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A digitally delivered Primary Classroom Curriculum with classroom-ready lesson plans for Years 1-6

Professional development for educators and digital resources for the classroom and at home

Different implementation options to suit your school's needs and size

Join the online community of Smiling Mind educators around Australia

Smiling Mind Team

The Smiling Mind Primary School Program has been developed by a team of experts.

Our Facilitators and Content Developers are a team of highly qualified Psychologists, Learning Designers, Mindfulness Experts and Educators.

Our team have extensive experience delivering training in Social & Emotional Learning to individuals in education, community, and workplace settings.


Experience benefits for educators and students from the one program

Designed to up-skill and support educators to implement social and emotional learning, the Smiling Mind Primary School Program provides explicit teaching and learning programs which engage the whole school community.

The learning content is mapped to the Australian Curriculum, and supports the learning of fundamental skills that are proven to positively impact learning and mental wellbeing outcomes.


Choose the right option for your school

There are three implementation options for the Smiling Mind Primary School Program. Choose the option that best suits your school's needs and size.


 Whole School Program: Starter

This option equips all educators at your school with the knowledge, resources and lesson plans to deliver social and emotional learning (SEL) in the classroom. Includes a ready to deliver digital curriculum and online professional development training for educators.

Starting at $1,990 incl. GST


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