Dr Addie Wootten — CEO

I'm a Clinical psychologist and CEO of Smiling Mind. I have worked most of my career in clinical practice and research across a range of major hospitals in Melbourne, primarily focussing on supporting people with cancer. Throughout my clinical career I have seen first hand the benefits that mindfulness can provide and I've used mindfulness in my work for many years. I am an experienced researcher and fundraiser and I'm passionate about my role in leading Smiling Mind to have the biggest and most beneficial impact we can have. 

The best thing about working at Smiling Mind…

My favourite thing is the good feeling I get every time someone tells me a story about how Smiling Mind has helped them in some way - and I'm lucky because this happens almost every day (sometimes more than once each day!). 

The biggest challenge in my role:

My biggest challenge is juggling all the amazing opportunities we have - and the amazing organisations who want to work with us. Oh.... and finding money to make sure we can continue our work.

If I wasn’t working at Smiling Mind I’d…

I would probably be following my academic career, working in a university or in public health policy - but Smiling Mind is much more fun!

My favourite meal:

Are salt and vinegar chips a meal?

What I do when I’m not at work:

I spend most of my weekends in the garden. I suppose thats a mindful activity in itself!

On meditation:
Meditation has changed my outlook on life, its levelled me, and helped me understand how stress affects me

My favourite inspirational quote:

“Let it go,
Let it out,
Let it all unravel,
Let it free
And it will be
A path on which to travel”

— Michael Leunig

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